Everland: A Day Full of Thrills

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Most people don’t just visit South Korea because of K-pop, Korean dramas, beauty products and food but it’s also famous for their amusement parks. They got a few ones like Children’s Grand Park, Dreamland, Seoul Land, Seoul Grand Park, Lotte World, and Everland.  Among these, we’ve decided to go to Everland, the largest and most recommended amusement park.

Situated in Yongin, to get to Everland, we rode a bus from Gangnam. Getting to this place is an adventure itself as taking public transportation can take up to 2 hours from Seoul.


The ticker for Everland costs KRW 48,000 for adults, and KRW 38,000 for children. Of course, we opted to pre-purchase the ticker via Klook voucher. Take note though that the day pass entitles you to most rides at the park, but some requires additional payment like Animal Riding, Gyro VR, and Robot VR.

Since it’s Spring, flowers such as tulips, daffodils, and grape hyacinths with vivid colors start blooming. Tulip Festival is also being held to mark the onset of Spring from March to April wherein over 1.2 million tulips in 100 different varieties were decorated on the garden and paths around the amusement park. This makes the park totally Instagram-friendly!

I was sickly that time due to my monthly period (LOL, TMI!), but I tried to enjoy every bits of our experience in Everland.


This giant tree is known as the Magic Tree and is a popular spot for pictures.

Anyway, what differs this amusement park from the usual ones with both outdoor and indoor rides, there’s a zoo within its compounds wherein you can interact with animals. Having said that, there are actually five themed zones in Everland namely Global FairAmerican AdventureMagic LandEuropean Adventure, and Zootopia. Apparently as the name suggests, the zoo is within the Zootopia zone.

Hi there monkey!


I suggest you get a guide map and know your zones. If you’re a thrill seeker, spend most of your time in the European Adventure and American Adventure zones that houses attractions like the big rollercoasters and VR rides. On the other hand, if you’re visiting as a family with young kids, then Magic Land and ZooTopia are for you. If you’re just here to shop souvenirs, then there’s no need to venture farther than Global Fair.

There are a lot of food stalls in Everland and some restaurants wherein you can eat not just Korean food but Western and Asian cuisines as well. We opted for this Tonkatsu set because we’re totally miss having rice!

The first wooden roller coaster in South Korea! T-Express remains a top favorite to both locals and foreign visitors of Everland. It’s not for the faint-hearted as the speed is topping at 104km/h and a vertical drop height of 77º.

Everland is vast and walking can be tiring so they’ve provided lifts to transfer from one location to another such as “Human Sky”, “Sky Cruise”, and “Sky Way”. Mind you, lines are long especially for cable cars.

If you’re an adventurous soul and doesn’t have motion sickness, you may take a spin of and scream at the top of your voices in Double Rock Spin.

Cherry blossoms are everywhere! <3

If you’re a tita like me (not so adrenaline junkie), worry not, Everland can be enjoyed both by kids and adults. Aside from that, there are a couple of retail shops such as cosmetic shops Etude House, and even a LINE Friends Store.

Umbrella galore at Magic Land!

At the Carnival Square, you can catch performances and watch the parade that usually lasts like a good thirty minutes or so.

Overall, Everland makes for a fun day trip from Seoul. I bet it’s much magical at night but we opted to proceed to our next destination to make the most out of our travel.


Our next spot is Gangnam, the district known as “South Korea’s Beverly Hills”, is popular for its exorbitant real-estate prices and wealthy residents (like the K-pop idols!). We dropped by quickly just to check out the Kakao Friends Flagship Store.

Kakao Friends

Apart from Line, Koreans are also into KakaoTalk messenger app, hence they came up with stores that caters merchandises of their adorable Kakao characters (Ryan, Frodo, Neo, Muzi, Apeach and G-Jay characters) such as calendars, plushies, pillows, keyrings and even golf balls, and among others.

Boasting three floors, it has a diverse selection of souvenirs.  The first floor features different stationary stuff, phone cases and the photo spot with giant Ryan. The second floor is dedicated for clothing, beach stuff, makeup x Kakao friends, and homey stuffs, and some other photo spots with Neo, Frodo and Apeach. Lastly, the third floor is the Ryan Café that serves cute snacks, desserts and drinks.

Ahhh~ due to time constraints, we weren’t able to explore the rest of Gangnam, but would love to come back! *fingers crossed*

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