My Favorite Japanese Beauty Products

May 12, 2018 439 Views

Taking a break from my travel posts, in here I’ll share some of my favorite Japanese beauty products so far (for this month of May).

Aside from Korean cosmetics and skin care, I’m also fond of a few Japanese products that includes mostly of the sworn-by classic brands. No cross-continent plane ticket required as some of which are already available here in the Philippines. However, if you’re planning to fly to Japan, then make sure to immerse yourself on the expansive aisles of Japan’s beauty stores and even drug stores!

K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner in Super Black – PHP 795 |  SM Beauty/Watsons

I’ve been hearing a lot of compliments about this brand. I was at first hesitant because it’s waterproof, and I’m not into such as it’s going to be quite a hassle for me to take it off. However, this product proved me wrong, it’s surprisingly easy to remove without requiring any rough rubbing on my delicate eye area.

It also lives up to its promise of lasting for about 24 hours, but can come off easily when used with warm water or oil-based make up remover. What I really like about it is that it has a nice felt tip that makes it easy to draw (for a noob like me) even the sharpest of cat-eyes, or draw a super thin or even a thick line! <3

If you want one, well, good news is that, they have an on-going sale! You may get it at discounted price on their online shop here.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler – ¥1,620 | Yokohama Takashimaya (Japan)

According to make-up artists, this is the holy grail of all eyelash curlers. I’ve been eyeing on this ever since Shu Uemura opened their flagship store here in the Philippines. But due to practicality, I opted for another brand. And now that I finally got the guts to take it a spin (as I always gets fascinated seeing it still being used by Vloggers and Bloggers), they’d already closed their stores here!

I looked over the internet and got afraid that those might be a counterfeit of the original. Good thing, my sister told me that her friends are going to Japan, and so I took the opportunity to ask them to purchase one for me.

When I finally got my hands of it, I tried it and then noticed the soft-close hinge and plush cushion that didn’t snag, snap or snip my lashes in half. Instead, it left my lashes impressively perky. *batting eyelashes*

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+ PA++++ – PHP 445  |  SM Beauty/Watsons

This is the one I replaced to my former sunscreen. It is one of the least greasy sunscreens I have ever tried! It has a watery texture and doesn’t leave any white cast. This is really a must-have especially with our humid weather as it doesn’t make skin feel oily and it’s waterproof and resistible for sweat and water, that’s perfect for outdoor use.

But don’t just take my word from it! Based on my research, it won the No. 1 sunscreen award on Cosme, which is like the MakeupAlley of Asian cosmetics!

There you have it. A number of Japanese cosmetic products are highly regarded not only in Japan, but also worldwide because of its quality and safeness, so make sure to add those up also to your beauty stash! 😉

If you have other suggestions, let me know by contacting me via email or SNS, or sounding off in the comments below.


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