Hong Kong Disneyland: The Nostalgic Adventure

December 3, 2017 898 Views

We turn to travel to explore the unknown, to escape, to bask. While these forms of pleasure may seem vastly different from one another, they share more territory than most realized. There’s the aspect of escapism, packing one’s bags and going away yet still offers the same refreshing hit. And probably one of the best ways to revitalize is to get back to childhood, well, even for just one ~*magical*~ moment.

Whether you’re a kid or simply a kid at heart, Hong Kong Disneyland never ceases to get old as “The happiest place on Earth”. And yasss, it definitely is the most accessible Disneyland to us Filipinos.

For the ticket, you can order tickets online or just like us, you may buy 1-day Hong Kong Disneyland Ticket from Klook. During that time, Klook wasn’t a hype or popular yet in the Philippines and wasn’t even launched locally. My sister introduced it to me,  and ever since then, it became our most reliable travel platform for booking tourist attractions and services at reasonable prices. What I also love about their service is that it’s hassle-free!

Before getting to Hong Kong Disneyland, we stuffed ourselves with breakfast from one of the quaint coffee shops around Tsim Sha Tsui, N1 Coffee & Co.

This little hipster cafe is a great place to chill out and hide from the touts on Nathan road. I SO ADORE EVERYTHING ON THIS CAFÉ—the ambiance, yummy food, and most of all, it opens earlier than other cafes!

I’m in love with their scrumptious bacon and egg on baguette toast and mushroom & baguette toast!

After our heartful breakfast, we went straight to MTR to get to Disneyland. We took the Tsuen Wan MTR train then hopped off Lai Kind Station then transferred to Tung Chung line, then alight the train at Sunny Bay Station and then transferred to Disneyland Resort Line. It has only one stop so voila, we’re finally at Disneyland.

Under the sweltering heat! It’s still morning but somehow, it’s oppressively hot and humid but I don’t mind, because deep inside I’m squealing with excitement!

Of course, I had to get a Minnie Mouse headband by the entrance before anything else! Haha!

Failed attempt of photo op with these cuties. We lined up for this but the heat was way too much for us so we decided to just proceed with the other attractions! 🙁 ‘Till the next, Mickey and Minnie!

Everything on this place screams “MICKEY MOUSE” or “DISNEY” ergo, made me somehow feel nostalgic.

It was such a delight to be able to catch all the Christmas exclusives worth taking some snapshots. I only used my mirrorless camera and iPhone since Go PRo isn’t allowed? Or those with selfie sticks.

The Sleeping Beauty Castle. It’s not that humongous at it seems yet is enchantingly beautiful especially at night during the fireworks!

Tale as old as time. Hong Kong Disneyland got loads of delicious meal or snacks at remarkable restaurants serving favorite Chinese, Asian, American and Indian dishes. For lunch, we ate at Royal Banquet Hall that has a medieval dining hall making us feel like we’re royalties.

We also explored some of Disneyland’s attractions including this Fairy Tale Forest presented by PANDORA. This whimsical garden features classic Disney Fairytales beautifully crafted in miniature scale.

Ahhh, probably one of my favorites or the highlight of our Disneyland adventure is the Festival of The Lion King musical extravaganza! There was this round stage in the center where they performed on the musical re-telling story of The Lion King. I was astounded by not just the setting of the stage but with their dance and aerial performances. Truly an experience one shouldn’t miss!

We also watched the majestic Flights of Fantasy Parade. There were gorgeous, giant floats carrying most of the Disney Characters accompanied by acrobats and aerialists!

Toy Story Land. Have your camera ready! This part of the amusement is Instagram-worthy!

Another endearing staged performance we watched was the Mickey and the Wondrous Book show where Mickey, Goofy and Olaf embarked on a journey inside the enchanted book to seek Happily Ever Afters. This featured the most loved Disney characters along the way (such as Baloo and King Louie in “The Jungle Book”; Ariel in “The Little Mermaid”; Rapunzel in “Tangled”; Merida in “Brave”; the Genie, Aladdin, Jasmine and Abu in “Aladdin”; Tiana and Louis in “The Princess and the Frog”; and of course in an epic finale and in true Disney “Happily Ever After” style, Princess Anna and Queen Elsa in “Frozen”).

Indeed, a day isn’t enough to roam around the theme park, and we’ve just selected a few rides. VERY TITA, I know. Haha!

Mystic Manor is one of the attractions I enjoyed wherein you have to ride the Mystic Magneto-Electric Carriage to explore the mystifying labyrinth of rooms and view an eclectic art collection from the manor house and private museum of Lord Henry Mystic with his faithful monkey friend, Albert.

Another ride we tried was the Orbitron at Tomorrowland. Nothing fancy in here as you have to basically steer a sleek spaceship or saucer that levitates– Perfect for the Tita in me! Haha! Afterwards, we ate our dinner at Starliner Diner.

Capped off the night by witnessing Hong Kong Disneyland in a new light through “Disney Paint the Night” Nighttime Spectacular. This parade is infused bright lights and colors! And can this night even get more radiant with the most spectacular fireworks? I swear, this is too festive to miss out!

Hong Kong Disneyland will always have that special place in my heart with its takeaway of never giving up, as dreams do come true! A day isn’t enough, and given a chance, I’d come back and visit their newest attractions such as the Iron Man Experience and probably check in at the Disneyland Hotel! Indeed, there’s nothing more heartwarming than being surrounded by those characters you’ve grown up to in your childhood stories and fairy tales.

Saichi Montoya

Loves to share her escapades on food, travel, fashion, lifestyle and anything in between.


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