Hong Kong: Other Must-Visit Attractions

December 21, 2017 735 Views

A trip to vibrant, energetic Hong Kong is a true treat. Aside from Disneyland, there are other “must-see” attractions we enjoyed although we missed out some due to time constraints. Check out some below that you may want to take for a spin too.


The Peak

This is considered as Hong Kong’s most popular attraction for a reason! It offers a breathtaking view from Victoria Peak — the highest vintage point in the entire city.

You may buy the ticket at the counters in The Peak but of course, we got our Peak Tram Sky Pass from Klook!

What’s more appealing about it is that you can take the historic Peak Tram to reach it. It is said to be the first funicular railway in Asia when it opened in 1888, and I can say, I truly enjoyed the ride especially when we got back from the peak; when it was moving backwards! Haha!


You may also opt to avail the Sky Terrace 428 which gives you a majestic 360-degree cityscape panoramic view.

On the other hand, you can also try Madame Tussauds that houses over 100 incredibly lifelike wax figures.


Victoria Harbour & Symphony of Lights

Hong Kong is even more vibrant and dazzling at night! Ergo, we grabbed the opportunity to witness the spectacular light show from the “Symphony of Lights” at Victoria Harbour after our day trip to Macau. This is the best chance to catch the scenic view across Hong Kong’s iconic harbor while enjoying the audiovisual feast with a myriad of lights, lasers and led screens harmoniously put together.

In here, you can also get mesmerized by authentic Chinese junk, also known as DukLing, which was used to crisscross Hong Kong waterways way back then. The vessel actually was restored in 2015 to its original classic design after sailing the waters and deep-sea channels for more than 60 years. How cool is that?


Street Markets

Hong Kong is well-known as a shopping haven. Aside from the malls, this city offers raucous street markets crammed to the gills with independent stalls. One of those you may want to try to visit are the ones in Mong Kok, Ladies Market and Sneaker Street. The Ladies Market is just around the corner from Sneaker Street. It is from the section of Tong Choi Street, just as Sneaker Street is a section of Fa Yuen Street. Sneaker Street it isn’t the official name of the road but is famous for that term. From bargain-priced clothing, bags, accessories, toys, cosmetics and shoes, you’d get them here!

Tried out this egg waffle! Yum!

So, there you have it! Hope this helps 😀 We were supposed to visit Ngong Ping Village in Lantau Island but due to maintenance (bad timing, I know), we weren’t able to.


Bonus: Federal Palace

Instead, we just shopped at Citygate outlet and then chowed down some authentic Chinese cuisines at Federal Palace. It’s quite expensive but definitely worth it! Super sarap!

We ordered steamed pork dumplings but due to language barrier, we got Beijing style barbecued pork buns instead, HAHA. Other than that, we had fried rice with shrimp, chicken feet and their sweet and sour pork which is heavenly delicious!

Until the next, Hong Kong! <3 If you have questions, sound off in the comments below or email me 😉

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