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Hallyu wave isn’t just about K-pop and K-drama! Let’s admit it, almost everyone is aiming for that Korean dewy and radiant complexion. And there’s no place that literally has a dozen of shops that cater to K-beauty products and skin care than the bustling city of Seoul itself!

In this post, let me share with you our Korean beauty hauls of different skin care brands from different branches, or locations we’ve been to.

Mamonde Flower Scented Hand Cream

Where: Aritaum, Coex Mall, Garosu-gil

A hydrating hand cream with the scent of Magnolia. It has a nice floral design and comes with a compact tube that’s easy to carry around. The scent isn’t overwhelming and makes the hand soft and feeling moisturized. What I love the most about it is that it doesn’t leave a tad bit of an icky feeling!

IOPE Air Cushion Cover in No. 21 Vanilla (Natural 21)

Where: Aritaum, Coex Mall, Garosu-gil

IOPE is one of the most popular choices in Korea when it comes to cushions. I got myself this 4th generation AIR CUSHION® in Cover over the Matte series because I wanted something that I can use everyday or is just natural-looking, and my skin is kinda dry, so I opted for something that will make my face look hydrated. It is said to have strengthened hydrating abilities through Air Prism Water™ that revives the skin’s moisture and radiance.

Not into putting too much gunk on my face, it was indeed a game changer as it is very light on the face, and I instantly noticed the awesome coverage! It comes in a decent package as well and what I love about it is that it comes with a FREE refill and an extra case. <3

Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Toner

Where: Aland, Coex Mall, Garosu-gil

This is the enhanced version of the Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner. I’ve been using the latter for quite some time now and I could attest that it really made my skin feel hydrated and supple. Plus, it doesn’t sting at all! And now, this much-raved toner has its unscented version, and just like the original, it is made even better– fragrance-free and made without any essential oils!

Dear Klairs Toner Mate 2 in 1 Cotton Pad 120EA

Where: Aland, Coex Mall, Garosu-gil

Intendedly bought this one for my Klairs Suppple Preparation toner. This box contains 2 different high-quality cotton pads including:

– Compressed type (60sheets): Made from 100% pure cotton; made for gentle cleansing.

– Sponge type (60sheets): Made from wood pulp that has been processed into a fine thread; acts as a sponge pad that is meant for mask-type hydration. (A good alternative for sheet mask!)

Dear Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream SPF40 PA++

Where: Aland, Myeondong

Just like their famous Mochi BB cream, this award-winning BB cream adjusts to fit all skin tones. It provides an illuminating finish and delivers light radiant while keeping the face softly matte yet moist. And of course, it is formulated against sun damage with SPF 40.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel Mist

Where: Nature Republic, Myeongdong

One of our favorites from our Korean beauty hauls! This hydrating and cooling spray is made with 92% pure aloe vera. It has a fresh formula that gently moisturizes, soothes, and refreshes skin with just a spray! This one is reliable especially during the hot season to keep the skin hydrated.

Banila Co Clean It Zero (Cleansing Balm Original)

Where: Banila Co, Hongdae

My replacement to my cream from Japan. This lightweight sorbet-like textured cleansing balm whisks away pore-clogging impurities from any make-up. It has a subtle fruity smell that is not too overwhelming as well! It also comes with a mini spatula you can use to apply the balm on your face. Every time I use this, I felt absolutely refreshed and clean after a day of wearing some gunk on my face! This is indeed a highly recommended product! A must if you also want to follow the double cleanse method of the Koreans. (which I do whenever I wear make-up, LOL).

3CE Soft Lip Lacquer #Explicit

Where: 3CE Cinema, Style Nanda, Garosu-gil

One of my holy grails!!! I super love this lippie because it doesn’t just provide vivid, intense color but turns matte for a surprising finish! And it’s totally non-sticky and is impeccably lightweight on the lips. This highly-pigmented lip lacquer is also long-lasting <3 Makes me want to collect all the colors so badly! T_T

3CE Heart Pot Lip #Brick Red

Where: Lotte El Cube, around Ewha University

This cute lip gloss encased in a lovely heart pot promises a deep, blood-red hue. This fits snugly in the hand and provides easy lip care while on the go. Plus, it comes with a mirror! <3 It has a moisturizing effect on the lips that keeps it looking deeply hydrated and dewy.

3CE Back To Baby Mask #Ultra Moist

Where: Style Nanda, Hongdae

This 2-step masks focuses on deep exfoliation and moisturizing. It has a scrubbing pad for cleansing impurities and moist barrier essence that offers intense hydration to skin. This actually smells like baby powder!

Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder (Lucky Edition)

Where: Innisfree, Myeongdong

First encountered this product when we were in Taiwan and now that we were able to go to Korea, we didn’t hesitate to have it restocked! This powder contains JEJU natural mineral & mint ingredient, and controls oil and makes skin shine-free. This contains a soft powder puff which I really love as it’s gentle on skin! <3

Aside from its original design, we purchased also their Lucky Edition that comes with limited designs of 12 different birthstones in celebration of their 12th anniversary.

Etude House Hot Style Heating Protector

Where: Etude House, Around Ewha University

I’ve purchased this in a heartbeat when I’ve stumbled upon this cream that prevents hair damage from styling devices’ heat. I’ve been looking for this kind of product ever since, and finally, I’ve found it! And I hope they’ll bring it here in the Philippines.

Etude House Color in Liquid Lips Mousse (Mousse_OR201)

Where: Etude House, Gangnam

This gel mousse tint creates a matte, silky finish as the clear moisture tint softly blends like jell in the lips. Despite bringing a matte finish, it doesn’t feel dry!

Etude House Color My Brows (Sunny Brown)

Where: Etude House, Gangnam

Having a bushy brow and my hair in ombre color, I’ve decided to purchase this brow mascara to compliment my look. It combs to set, shade and moisten my brows for a refined natural look.

The Saem Mineralizing Creamy Concealer (1.75 Macadamia)

Where: The Saem, Myeongdong

This creamy textured concealer covers blemishes and skin imperfections perfectly. This actually is my sister’s, and I’m planning to get also their concealer when they open their store here in the Philippines but would probably opt for their Cover Perfection Tip Concealer.

The Saem Pure Natural Mask Sheet (Snail)

Where: The Saem, Myeongdong

Snail enzyme is huge popular and a well-loved skincare ingredient in Korea, and any product always fly off shelves. It is said to help with acne problems and is for anti-aging, too. This mask sheet exactly that we got as a freebie does that. Its filtered snail mucus also provides concentrated moisture to the skin.

The Saem Natural Mask Sheet (Green Tea, Cucumber, Red Ginseng)

Where: The Saem, Myeongdong

Putting on mask sheets have become a habit in the house! Got these variants that promises brightening and lifting effect. It also offers deep hydration and nutrients to the skin. The red ginseng has an odd smell but is tolerable!

The Saem Snail Essential EX Wrinkle Solution Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++

Where: The Saem, Myeongdong

Sunblock is life especially for Koreans! They are totally obsessed with it. This is actually my mom’s sunscreen and she liked it because of its lightweight feel on the face. It is also rich with ferment snail essence that helps as anti-aging.

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

Where: Aland, Myeongdong

This is a thing in Korea! I see almost everyone (including guys!) using pimple patches. A lot of people online are raving about it, and I apparently hopped on the bandwagon by getting myself a pack of this hydrocolloid stickers.

Too Cool for School Egg Cream Mask (Hydration, Firming, Pore Tightening)

Where: Too Cool for School, Myeongdong

Eggs, known as protein-packed breakfast staple, is now being slathered onto skin! This brand deviates from the norm by coming up with this moisturizing sheet mask that is made with egg yolk and egg white extracts. It also comes in 3 variants depending on your skin needs. Got them all with a discount!

Kakao Friends Friends Pattern Band Aid Adhesive Bandages Plasters

Where: Kakao Friends, Gangnam

Who can resist this cute stuff? I can now wrap my wounds in style!

The Body x Kakao Friends Neo Collagen Sheet Masks

Where: Kakao Friends, Gangnam

An added collection to my sheet masks, this collagen essence mask is a collaboration of The Body and Kakao Friends that helps rejuvenate the skin. This definitely is a super food for my face!

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