Legoland Malaysia: More Than Your Ordinary Building Blocks!

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If you’ve sifted through my blog, you’d probably know that my last trip in Malaysia was way back in 2013. That time, we initially planned to go to Legoland, but due to our limited time, we failed to do so. And now, finally, when we visited Singapore, we took the opportunity to visit Malaysia again particularly, Legoland. It’s much convenient actually because the famous lego-musement park is just near the border of Singapore.

That day, we traveled by land to get to Johor Bahru, just across the causeway from Singapore. To know more how to get there, you may visit this link. Be sure you have both Singaporean dollars and Malaysian ringgit in your pockets thou. Also, you have to pass through 2 immigration offices (SG to exit and Malaysia for entrance). Mind you, it’s quite exhausting since it requires a lot of leg work since you have to walk and take a few bus transfers. But thank God for a very courteous Malaysian who helped us through all the process of transferring from SG to Malaysia. The man looked like a 40-something and according to him, he works in SG but he goes home in Malaysia after. That’s the thing about traveling– meeting random people and chiming in a conversation with the locals.

The transfer to Malaysia may somehow be strenuous but I truly enjoy the blissful oblivion that comes with this vacation. Anyhow, the bus would pass by the Hello Kitty Town.

YAS, I just want to jump off to that stop but no huhu! Anyway, one of the most remarkable thing you’d see from afar when you’re almost near Legoland, is the Legoland hotel that is too cute and humongous not to notice! Haha!

Upon landing our feet in Legoland, the first thing that I felt was it was sweltering hot! Hence, it’s really advisable to wear something comfy and breezy if you’d visit this amusement park. After waiting for Vench (Laika’s friend again, hahaha!), we then chowed down some brekky at The Café, just near the entrance.

What we ate… JOKE!

After having ourselves full, we then started exploring Legoland from clockwise.

The place is quite huge but then again, it was too hot! But still, I love every details they placed into the amusement park especially with those random Lego figures with sound effects.

Anyway, the first thing we tried was the TECHNIC Twister, this is the counterpart of Accelerator in Universal Studios Singapore (USS). Apparently, the mother could join us! Haha!

After that crazy spin, we then stumbled upon LEGO MINDSTORMS that houses robots made out of Lego. This is where they conduct workshops for budding and amateur robot builders. Now that’s pretty cool!

Afterwards, we screamed our hearts out in Project X. It is a 18-meter high wild roller coaster ride!!! My sister and I are like going to have a heart attack since it’s been ages since we have visited a theme park. LOL.

We also visited their latest attraction that features seven scenes from the six Star Wars™ films and The Clone Wars™ animated series that are separated in different rooms, each depicting scenes from each Star Wars movie, in chronological order. I was impressed with the model displays that are built with sound effects, lighting effects and even action.

Another intense roller coaster ride we tried was The Dragon. Love the interiors of this since it’s sort of similar to Far Far Away in USS with the middle age castle theme and the like. Anyway, the counterpart of this ride for the kids or the youngsters is the Dragon’s Apprentice ride which is like a smaller version of The Dragon. Another ride they can take a spin of are Merlin’s Challenge carousel, Kids Power Tower, DUPLO Express train, DUPLO Playtown, Beetle Bounce, and The Royal Joust. See, most of the rides are meant for kids XD

After roaming around for a while, we got totally drained and our body’s craving for a cooler place so we went inside the Build and Test area where we built some Lego blocks into something I can hardly fathom.

On another note, we also went to the Observation Tower where it has a deck that meanders upwards in a slow circular motion. This allows you to get a bird’s eye view of the whole resort. It’s breathtaking 😀

Aside from the awesome rides, what we totally enjoyed is the 4D experience in LEGO Studio. DON’T MISS THIS OUT! Just be prepare to get a bit wet. After this overwhelming experience, we rested again in Pizza Mania. This is a must-try Italian pizza perfect for your kada and/or fam bam.

We also did some laser shooting at Lost Kingdom. The place sort of resembles The Mummy in USS. Hahaha! But the ride was totally different and not as extreme as The Mummy.

And here’s my favorite one!!! The Dino Island!!! This totes got as soaking wet on the way down! But I love it! Worry not, they have blower machines wherein you can heat up yourself and dry your clothes for a certain RM amount.

Other rides to experience in Legoland are LEGO City Airport, Rescue Academy (which is good for bonding with kids since you have to sort of practice putting out a fire), Legoland Express (a lifesize LEGO train where you can see different sights in the resort), Driving School and Boating School.

If there’s also another reason for both fanatics and tourists to visit Legoland is their large area dedicated to miniature landmarks from all around the world (or mostly Asian countries) made out of LEGO blocks. Most of the attractions are from Malaysia of course, but nonetheless, it’s all totally impressive!!!

Bolinao, Pangasinan represented the Philippines. I don’t know why it isn’t Manila or Boracay but I love the sound effects that come along with it like the beep sound of a jeepney.

Our last stop was at the Aquazone Wave Racers where you must be vigilant of some water bombs. Lol! Not too fancy thou.

Overall, the experience was one for the books even though we (or perhaps our children in the future) have yet to try their Legoland Water Park since most of the rides are meant for the little ones. We tried some mini games as well and my sister won a pink unicorn stuffed toy.

Before we eat, we also bought some souvenirs. The prices are almost the same in the Philippines thou. ;A; I CRY.

This adventure ate up our whole day haha! But before heading back to Singapore, we ate at KFC in the Mall of Medini just near Legoland. Yes, no gravy for me again. Haha!

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