Macau: Vegas of China

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Better late than never! This travel diary post is in commemoration of our Macau trip exactly a year ago. Last November of 2016, my family and I went to Hong Kong and Macau for our annual vacay. LOL!

We arrived at Hong Kong late evening so basically, it’s like a day wasted, haha! Nonetheless, we took that opportunity to take a rest and gear up for Macau the next day to have a little escape from Hong Kong’s fast paced lifestyle.

Here’s a little advice: Hong Kong people are not morning people, haha! They usually open their stores in the afternoon, so you’d rarely encounter a resto where you can have your breakfast fix, except maybe for fast food chains. And mind you, based on experience, we were the only ones walking along the streets at wee hour in the morning looking for some place to eat but we failed! Thus, I assumed that life in Hong Kong starts in the afternoon and ends until late midnight.

Harking back from Tsim Sha Tsui, we just walked from where we stayed until we reach the China Ferry Terminal. It is inside a mall (China Hong Kong In-Town Outlets) with apparently, outlets from top brands. From the upper ground of the mall, we took an escalator just beside Tie Rack London ?. Easy peasy! You can buy the tickets at either their official counters or with some guys roaming around giving special discounts. The ticket costs around HKD164 and we got the earliest sched at 7:30AM, just to make the most out of our day trip in Macau.

Because we’re too early, we dropped by Starbucks to have some warm cups of hot chocolate (PS: we’re not into coffee that much) and ate breakfast.

The boat ride took approximately 55 minutes or so. And yassss! HELLO MACAU!


First things first, we ate our early lunch at a resto just inside the terminal. I can hardly recall since it’s Chinese. X_X We ordered congee for lunch BECAUSE YES, IT’S TOO EARLY! Haha!

So, right after we filled in our tummies, we went straight to the buses. They’re all FREE of charge since they’ll drop you to their respective hotel destination.

Our first stop was in Sands Macau Hotel, we went inside it just to look what it has to offer and tadah! Hello casinos! Haha! Taking photos inside aren’t allowed and well, one of the staff approached me since I didn’t have that idea that it’s prohibited. Good thing, they weren’t that mad XD. They also asked for our passport to check if we’re at our legal age since I think we sort of look young.  I don’t know if it’s a compliment or not. Haha!

Anyway, after roaming inside of it, we went across the road to get to Fisherman’s Wharf. This is said to be the largest leisure and themed entertainment complex in Macau Peninsula that has an European vibe. Thus, is perfect for taking photos!

There are many restos in there and some shops as well, but it’s still closed because we’re once again, too early haha! And I bet this place would look enchanting at night, too!

Check out this superb replica of the Colosseum at Fisherman’s Wharf!

After taking some snappies, we went back to Sands Macau Hotel to get a bus ride back to the ferry terminal to catch another FREE shuttle bus going to Grand Lisboa Hotel.

From there, we walked and walked until we reach the Senado Square. This place is HUGE!

It is an elongated triangular shaped square and is connected to Largo do São Domingos at the other end and Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro. The square’s name originated from a meeting place for the Chinese and Portuguese during 16th to 18th centuries called Leal Senado. Thus, Macau is highly influenced by Portugal ever since then as you may notice with their architecture, and even for some of which are considered cuisine signatures, such as the Portuguese egg tart.

The distinct and impressive facades delighted my eyes! (Even though this place gets a bit crowded XD).

Here’s the yellow-painted St. Domingo’s Church (St. Dominic’s Church).

Stumbled upon some Korean skin care shops! And it made me feel like I’m in Myeongdong.

And here’s the best part of roaming around Senado Square—FOOD! This place has a multitude of must-try foods, and of course we tried almost everything for FREE! Haha! Yes, almost all of the street stalls with eccentric local hands out snacks for FREE taste and if you get to try them all, you’d definitely won’t starve.

I tried the curry balls and its tastes really good!

Another street snack we tried are the egg rolls. It’s crispy, sweet and so featherlight that it’s easy to eat more than one. It has like a pork floss inside of it and is enveloped with nori (seaweed) and flour with egg of sort.

Of course, we didn’t let pass the opportunity to try out Koi Kee Bakery’s jerky! There are a wide variety of this famous dried meat, ranging from spicy beef to wild boar. *o*

Also, got to try the Portuguese egg tart, the well-known snack of Macao. It’s a flaky pastry shell with sweet egg custard filling inside that is caramelized in the top. SARAP!

I’ve eaten it while its warm just in front of the Ruins of St. Paul. The latter was all that was left of what was once the biggest Catholic Church in Asia during 1580s. It was built by local craftsmen and some Japanese Christians who was said to have fled persecution in Japan. It burned down after two big fires. It was then sort of re-constructed with a new Baroque-style church in 1637 but got burned down again in 1835, thus leaving only it’s front façade.


After shopping for some souvenirs, we went straight to The Venetian!

Words cannot describe how lavish it is! It is considered as Asia’s biggest single hotel building and the world’s sixth largest building.

Although it’s popular due to its well, casino and other entertainment gaming area, this place is built with magnificent architecture and design, which is based from the Italian city of Venice.

It also has its own Grand Canal, where visitors can enjoy a gondola ride around the area while gondoliers sing a song for them. Whew!

Inside The Venetian, we also stumbled upon GODIVA Chocolatier. Initially we planned to have their soft-served ice cream in Hong Kong but since it’s already within our vicinity, we indulged on it already! Somebody please bring it in the Philippines!!! 🙁

Before going back to Hong Kong, we shopped again for some souvenirs and of course, a Macau tumbler from Starbucks, haha!

Macau is a wondrous place filled with mosaic-art cobblestone streets and flanked with historical Portuguese colonial buildings. The best part of exploring it was that we didn’t spend that much of a dime as they provide FREE shuttle services from key tourist spots throughout the city. This definitely is one of the most budget-friendly urban destinations we’ve been to.

And if I’m going to put a bet on how fantastic it is, I’m without a doubt, ALL IN!

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