Malaysia: A Multi-Cultural Society

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If you can’t get enough of the first part of my adventure in Malaysia, here’s the 2nd part of my travel diary post that is more tourist-y. We started our day with some roti again, but this time I ordered a Roti cheese, it tastes really good. I think I could live with just it in Malaysia!

We took KLIA transit again and KTM Komuter train from the KL Sentral to go to our next destination, Batu Caves. It is a limestone hill located at Gombak District that has a series of awe-inspiring natural caves with a steep 272 steps. It is popular for tourists and Hindu devotees alike. No entrance fee, just so you know. 🙂

Obligatory photo :p

Golden structures


It has a humongous statue of the Hindu God at the entrance and there are hundreds of pigeons around that tamely crowd the empty space leading to the staircase.

And right before we step on the staircase, RA already warned us about the monkeys that frolic around the caves. They steal mostly bottles of water, so I suggest you put it inside your bag.

Look, who welcomed us!

Check out this mother monkey carrying her baby.


After reaching the peak of Batu Caves, I found a temple where Hindus do their rituals. After taking a few snapshots, we went down.

At the top, you could marvel at the stunning skyline of the city centre.

Next stop is Central Market, this is a famous place for buying souvenirs and cheap finds such as magnets, key chains and among others. It is a few minutes away from Petaling Street or China Town.

Inside of it is “Little India” where you can also shop for some souvenirs.

Super heroes galore <3 Got these as pasalubongs to my apploves boys XD

After strolling around the market, we had our lunch at one of the famous and largest kopi tiam restaurant chain in Malaysia, the OldTown White Coffee House.

I tucked into a delicious yet ridiculously spicy plate of Malaysian Nasi Lemak (Coconut Milk Rice). It is considered as a national dish that is is served with side dishes such as cucumber slices, small fried anchovies (ikan bilis), roasted peanuts, hard boiled egg, and hot spicy sauce (sambal) with ayam goreng (fried chicken).

If you’re on a lookout for a local Malaysian fare, then I recommend this cafe.

Binondo feels!

Next stop, we went to China Town, it’s pretty much like the China Town in Binondo, Manila. In this infamous place you could also find sourveniers, fake leather goods to the obligatory Dunhill watches and other inexpensive stuff.

After shopping for souveniers, we headed back to Cyberjaya to fix our luggage and waited for Peakay to fetch us with his car.

Peakay eventually became our tourist guide to Putrajaya, the federal administrative centre of Malaysia. He knows the place very well and as he drove around the city, you could notice that every street was majestically designed with different lamp posts. Everything in there was just majestic as if I was in Rome. (LOL, as if I’ve been to Rome ><)

Putra Mosque is a pink-domed mosque that is constructed with rose-tinted granite. We also stumbled upon the Istana Kehakiman or Palace of Justice that houses the judicial department and courts.

Near the Putra Mosque is Perdana Putra that houses the Prime Minister Department Complex and several government buildings and agencies. There are lots of mosque in Malaysia, Peakay even told us about the steel mosque. When we get back, we’ll surely visit that and will definitely go inside these mosques I’ve mentioned and wear the appropriate clothes– no shorts/skirts.

While Peakay was driving,we’ve noticed an establishment that is constructed beautifully and that is none other than Kompleks Perbadanan Putrajayaa. It is a local authority which administers the Federal Territory of Putrajaya. They are in charge of the public health and sanitation, waste removal and management, town planning and among others.

Malaysia got epic infrastructures, I must say!

Putrajaya International Convention Centre or PICC, the counterpart of Philippine International Convention Center or PICC in the Philippines. haha! so basically, they are the same venue for theatrical plays, events, wedding ceremonies and the like. Upon recalling this, I just realized that on my next visit, I must go to a museum or watch a theatrical play in Malaysia, just so I can experience more of their tradition and culture.

While on the road, Peakay discussed about the other infamous buildings in Putrajaya. Information overload, I know. Anyway, they have all sorts of departments that would cater to the welfare of their citizens and one that truly struck me was their National Cancer Institute (Institut Kanser Negara). He told us that they have the modern equipment to it and have that department dedicated to those cancer patients. However, sad to say that it still cannot be totally cured…

Jambatan Seri Saujana. It is designed with a unique cable-stayed arch bridge. I love how it changes it colors from time to time. <3

The Malaysia squad 🙂

To cap off the night, we had our last dinner at Alamanda in Putrajaya and sink our teeth into chicken rice and coconut shake with vanilla ice cream.

so long, Malaysia!

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