Taiwan: Taipei City Tour Part 1

January 6, 2018 1293 Views

Who would ever forget about Meteor Garden, the Taiwanese drama that took Asia by storm during the 2000s? Well, that was consequently the reason Taiwan would ring a bell to us. I was addicted to it that I attended 2 of F4’s concerts here in Manila. I heard there would be a reboot for Meteor Garden! I hope it lives up to my expectations. LOL!

Anyway, these past few months, Taiwan tremendously sprang as a hot tourist destination among Filipinos especially now that it’s Visa-free! The initiative, however would only be on trial period and will be effective until July 31, 2018 and hopefully, they would extend it or lift it out totally.

UPDATE: Taiwan extends visa-free entry for Philippines until July 2019!

Last December of 2017, my family and I flew to Taiwan with my sister’s beau and his grandma and auntie. I have to admit; the place is so underrated and is not the typical travel destination for most Filipinos. But then, Taiwan quickly gained tractions due to positive feedbacks from those who’ve visited it. And I’m way more excited to experience it!


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