Thailand: Sawasdee ka, Bangkok!

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Hello! I’m back! Sorry for being MIA in the past few weeks as I’ve been busy adult-ing. Anyway, enough of my lame excuses. HAHA!

I now have the time to make a ~*long overdue*~ blog post for our Thailand trip, thanks to Holy Week break! While everyone’s on vacay, here I am trying to reminisce all that have had transpired during our 9-day trip to Thailand and Cambodia. Whew~ This was by far my longest trip and the first time I was not with my family.

Last October 27 of 2017, my friends, Ara and Jhen embarked on our first out of the country escapade! YAS, finally it pushed through! Prior to our trip, it was also the time when Thai people are mourning for the death of their late King, Bhumibol Adulyadej. Thus, we were quite flabbergasted that some tourist attractions might be close to pave way for his funeral. The Thais so love their King that even though he died October 13 last year, the nation plunged into a year of mourning. It indeed, had an impact to our itinerary and travel plans, but it’s okay. I mean we’re just visitors, and it’s amusing to be able to witness their great love and their reverence for their beloved late King.

As soon as we landed the Suvarnabhumi Airport, Jhen and Ara looked for Super Rich to have their money exchanged. Trust me, it’s cheaper! So, if you’re planning to exchange your money in Manila, I HIGHLY SUGGEST you do it in Thailand.

After having their moneys exchanged, we took the train and got this free pass (due to the Royal funeral). It’s already noticeable that they’re mourning as most of them are wearing black! *gasp*

Anyway, for the whole duration of our stay in Bangkok, we stayed at LiveItUp Hostel in Asok. Aside from boasting hipster vibes, this place is just a stone away from BTS Skytrain, and it is strategically surrounded by restaurants, bars and malls. Also, we’re able to connect to the internet with our portable wi-fi from Flytpack. (hehe, not sponsored!)

Terminal 21

Our first stop was at the nearest mall within our vicinity, Terminal 21. This place has a cutting-edge concept wherein it takes you to several world-famous cities such as Tokyo and Paris under one roof. And if you’re following my IG stories, they have incredible themed washrooms, depending on which city, or rather, floor you are into. How I wish malls in Manila were like that!

Aside from its smorgasbord of yummy food, this mall is shopping haven as well, offering affordable, mid-range quality designs, and one-of-a-kind designer brands. I got myself here a brass necklace that is too cute for my life!

I wasn’t able to take a decent photo of our first and legit Thai lunch due to hunger. Haha! Sorry for that. And mind you, Thai cuisines are really spicy!

TIP: Don’t miss out on getting yourself the BEST THAI MILK TEA (for me) at the ground floor! Be sure to drop by Cha Dra Muer (ชาตรามือ) <3 You may also buy in sachet as souvenirs from there.

Benjakitti Park

Our next stop was at Benjakitti Park. Again, this is just nearby our hostel and Terminal 21. Opened in 2004 in honor of the 72nd birthday of Queen Sirikit, this park was previously a land owned by the Tobacco Monopoly.

Anyway, this is where I also felt the weather is similar with what we have in the Philippines. It’s scorching hot! Nonetheless, we were able to enjoy the scenic view of the park. It’s a spec of green amongst Sukhumvit’s high rise buildings and office blocks.

It has central boating lake rimmed by abundant flowers, an outdoor exercise area, a cycling track and a path that for people who would like to walk and take a jog. There are also bicycles and boats that can be hired, of course with a fee.

This park is for those who would like to have peace and quiet or a romantic sunset stroll. You can also opt to quench your thirst by drinking a refreshing coconut juice from a vendor near the entrance area.

Above Eleven – Rooftop bar

Despite being sleep deprived, we still opted to embark on a night out. YASS, we, the TITAS went to the recommended rooftop bar of Ara’s Danish boss. The Above Eleven bar and restaurant definitely, didn’t disappoint!  My photos cannot justify how adorable this place looks like! But let me give you like a tad bit idea of why I felt like I was transported to a different universe. LOL! (But I love it!) At the ground floor, you’d feel like you’re in a forest of sort and there was this sound effect of birds chirping, and when you’re inside the elevator, you’re surrounded by LED display.

Situated at 32nd floor of the Fraser Suites, it’s a great spot to view Bangkok’s cityscape, but not just that, they offer an adventurous menu of Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine. And of course, they also serve cocktails that have an equal focus on South American and Japanese spirits. The price however, is not that cheap. HAHA!

Because Thais are mourning, alcohol drinks were banned during that time. So, we had non-alcoholic drinks instead. Also, loud music was prohibited, but nonetheless, we enjoyed. And we even stumbled upon a Filipino waiter, haha! I was so lutang that moment due to lack of sleep, but it was an awesome night capped off.

Catch my other BKK adventures hopefully, in the coming days before the Holy Week holiday ends!

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