Universal Studios Singapore: Unleash the Kid in You!

November 14, 2017 600 Views

As we all know, Singapore is popular not just with its concrete jungle but for their amusement park, Universal Studios, and of course we didn’t let pass the opportunity to experience it ourselves.

To be able to reach Sentosa, the most popular island resort in SG where the USS is situated, we rode again the MRT going to the VivoCity Mall in HarbourFront Station then transferred to Sentosa Express. The latter is a monorail line connecting 4 stations: Sentosa (@VivoCity mall), Waterfront, Imbiah, and Beach.

Our first stop was at Universal Studios. Got totally stoked and it felt really surreal to finally have landed our footsteps in USS. So before actually getting inside, we took some photos at the “globe” where most tourists take a snap or two.

We were greeted by a welcoming crew and asked us to pick some eggs. Lol! They’re pretty much ready for Easter as apparent with the decorations around the area. I hoarded the eggs that come in different colors and inside of each are 3 candies. Haha! Made some of it as my pasalubong to my friends (HAHA).

Anyway, FYI if you want to beat the queues in the line of every ride in USS, you may spend a king’s ransom and avail of their Express pass.

Okay, so once you’ve entered USS, the first attraction you’d experience is Hollywood. This area features the Sesame Street show at the Pantages Hollywood theater. Pretty much meant for kids and avid fans of Elmo and not to mention, those who wanted to become a firefighter or police. Haha!

Alongside Hollywood are souvenir shops such as Minion Mart where, obviously, you can find stuff related to the movie Despicable Me.

Aside from that, there’s also the Silver Screen collectibles and Star Characters shops offering memorabilia and other merchandise related to Hollywood such as the Oscar-looking trophies with different labels including “Best Dad, “Best Boss”, Best Mom”, “Best Boyfriend”, and among others. Haha! Witty indeed! Of course within the area is the Universal Studio store that offers the largest variety of souvenirs, apparels and collectibles. Mind you, you can also complete your park experience by having some face paint or caricature.

All right, so the place is very huge that we don’t know which first to try and I can hardly decide how to write all about it but I’m still gonna try to give as much deets as I can. So here it goes, while in there, we decided to stroll around and just see whatever floats our boat.

If you’re going to the right side, you’ll land in the New York attraction where basically would give you that NYC vibe with the hippie cars and whatnot. And I just love those areas where you can strike a pose with their brick walls, benches and even lamp posts! Haha!

And we’re on to one of my favorite spots in USS, the Sci-Fi City!!! Ugh, my sister and I tried the Transformers ride and it was hella of a fun ride! It’s a 3D ride where you join Optimus Prime and the autobots on their mission to become a freedom fighter against forces of evil. YOU SHOULDN’T DARE MISS OUT ON THIS! After the ride, we couldn’t help but smile like an idiot hahaha!

Afterwards, we tested our intergalactic stamina at Accelerator. Not that new to us since we’ve tried this kind of ride in Legoland which I’m yet to blog about as well.

Our next stop was in Ancient Egypt where we sorta regret having the mother ride onto because it’s not for the fainted heart! Too thrilling for those who aren’t that brave enough to embark on a roller coaster ride in the dark. Spoiler it is! We plunged into total darkness in a high speed roller coaster that includes sudden and dramatic acceleration, climbing, tilting, dropping and backward motion!!!! I totally enjoyed this one but huhu, it made us worry a lot as well because the mother went pale-looking after. Aww! We failed to read the warning! 🙁 Anyway, here’s a tip: Read the guide brochure or pamphlet first! Also, in case you don’t wanna carry around extra bags, you may put them in a locker that’s free of use for like an hour.

While the mother rests, my sister and I embarked on another ride which is the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure in the Lost World. We had a river raft ride through primeval dinosaur habitats where we luckily got wet while some soaked. We were on a salbabida-like ride with Australians or so and 2 Singaporean couples. Gotta love this ride too! Other attractions worth experiencing are the WaterWorld, a sensational live water show where there are bombings and live actions, you just have to be keen on its schedule, and the one for the kiddos, Dino-Soarin’ where they can pilot their own Pteranodon. PS: Don’t wanna get wet? There are dispenser machines with poncho or raincoats that you can buy for a certain amount of fee.

Next is the Far Far Away land. Hallo~ to the Shrek world, LOL haha! But didn’t see him and even Fiona. It must be due to the fact that one, it’s weekday, two, it’s too humid, or three, it’s part of their mourning due to the demise of their Prime Minister in SG, Lee Kun Yew, who made what the country is now!!! We need someone like him the Philippines! Huhu, #sorrynotsorry~ Harking back, Far Far Away features the Enchanted Airways roller coaster ride <3, Shrek’s 4D adventure and Magic Potion Spin ferris wheel. I forgot to mention earlier that photography inside the rides aren’t allowed but if you’re that sneaky, perhaps you could do so, it’s just that you won’t fully enjoy every bit of your experience XD.

The last attraction in USS is Madagascar. In here, you can have a boat ride with Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria at Crate Adventure. Meanwhile, children and even elders may enjoy King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Around carousel. Not a fan of Madagascar thou >_<

If you get hungry around USS, worry not, there are dining areas within their vicinity. We opted to eat at Gloria’s Snack Shack at our last stop in Madagascar. We had chicken cutlet and chicken yakitori bento box meals with honeydew shake which costs a lot. Lol! Other delightful treats you can try out are Loui’s NY Pizza Parlor, Mel’s Drive-in, and among others.

Before heading for our next to-do’s in Resorts World Sentosa, we bought a pack of Chicago Mix in the best gourmet popcorn shop in SG, which is Garrett.

So there you have it, that pretty much sums up our USS experience and if you’d ask me if I want to go back and experience it all over again? I’d definitely say YES in a heartbeat! 🙂

Watch out for more of my Singapore and Malaysia adventure in my future blog posts. Hope this triggered you to book a flight now haha! ‘Til the next lah~

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